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Computer repair from the flying doctor - the GP for your PC

Free computer guides from The Flying Doctor!

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 Does my computer have wireless? PDF

Reconnecting to the router using Windows

Reconnecting to the router using Belkin/netgear software

Reconnecting to the router using BT connection manager

Staying safe

Protect your computer (2.5mb)

Using AVG firewall, Zonealarm firewall and spybot S&D anti-spyware

Using Spybot S&D to remove spyware


Adding a signature to your emails in Outlook Express

Autoreplying in Outlook Express

Creating identities in Outlook Express

Forwarding email

Exporting contacts in Outlook

Filtering emails in Outlook

Importing contacts from Excel into Outlook  

Mailmerge from Outlook

Free software

      Great software that’s free! (735kb)

Internet and Mobile

Checking your broadband connection

Setting up email for your blackberry

Using BT webmail